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Rustamov Murodulla Isomiddinovich , Candidate of Medical Sciences Assistant of the Department of General Surgery Samarkand State Medical University, Uzbekistan
Rustamov Inoyatulla Muradulla , Assistant of the Department of General Surgery Samarkand State Medical University, Uzbekistan
Akbar Akramovich Shodmonov , Candidate of Medical Sciences Assistant at the Department of General Surgery Samarkand State Medical University Samarkand, Uzbekistan


303 patients with different clinical forms of acute paraproctitis were treated. All the observed patients were operated on radically. Treatment tactics and choice of surgical treatment method in patients with various clinical forms of acute paraproctitis depend upon the pus localization, the location of primary purulent passage in relation to anal sphincter fibers, the degree of cicatricial process development in pararectal tissue and rectal wall. The developed complex of tactical and therapeutic measures allows to reduce the period of patient's stay in the hospital, significantly reduce the percentage of recurrences of the disease, improve functional results of treatment.


Acute paraproctitis, diagnosis, treatment tactics


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Rustamov Murodulla Isomiddinovich, Rustamov Inoyatulla Muradulla, & Akbar Akramovich Shodmonov. (2022). OPTIMISING SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS WITH ACUTE PARAPROCTITIS. Frontline Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Journal, 2(02), 36–42.